Meet The Team




Anthony Howells – Chairman

Anthony is the Club Chairman and ensures everyone works together to drive the club forward and continually expand. As a former BMX racer himself, ‘Atom Ant’ has won the European championships and knows a thing or two about racing! Anthony is now enjoying racing second time around.  

Anthony Howells 'now'...  Anthony Howells 'back in the day'... Anthony Howells 'back in the day'...

Alan Hughes – Vice Chair

Alan joined the committee as vice chair at the beginning of 2016 and has been a valuable asset to the club with his wealth of experience and knowledge!   


Colin Chivers – Maintenance Co-ordinator & Assistant Coach

Colin is also from a racing background and joined the committee to help move the club forward and offer more race experience behind the scenes. His knowledge has been a huge asset in running practice races and future race planning.  He also enjoys running our mini rocker races.  Colin recently got back on his bike at a recent charity race when a few of our members offered a donation to the ‘Mind’ charity if he came out of retirement. We are all hoping to see Colin on his bike in the Deep South Winter Series. GO COLIN 

  Colin Chivers ripping it up 'back in the day'... Colin Chivers ripping it up 'back in the day'...

Debbie Rogers – Club Secretary

Debbie is responsible for club administration from BC club affiliation, race day control and ensuring all our paperwork is up-to-date.  Debbie is also our club rep so makes sure our members are fully informed and reminded regarding any forthcoming races.  Debbie is always happy to help deal with any race related issues you may have. Coming from a similar role within the TVR owners club, she brings years of experience to the process.      


Nicola Kennard – Treasurer & Assistant Coach

Nicola (Niccie) is sister to our Chairman Anthony.  'Slick Nick' also comes from a racing background and was a national #1 ‘power puff’ back in the day!  Niccie is responsible for looking after club finances and reporting all financial information to the committee.  Niccie got back on her bike in 2014 but had to stop due to injury last year,  she is hoping to be able to ride again soon.  Niccie can also been seen trackside assisting with coaching. 



Steve Willcocks – Head Coach

Steve got involved with the club through bringing his sons to our sessions and started helping out.  Steve then took his Level 2 Coaching course and BMX Specific course and now oversees the coaching structure as Head Coach.  Steve has taken up racing himself although is on a break at the moment due to injury.



Cheryl Mainwaring – Membership Secretary

Cheryl registers new members and organises the paperwork accordingly.  Cheryl is also responsible for signing riders in at our club sessions and can be found in the green container. Need a loan helmet and/or gloves, Cheryl is the lady to see.  Cheryl is responsible for looking after our 100+ strong membership.



Nicky Pearman – Merchandiser & Cheerleader

Nicky is responsible for ordering all club merchandise.  Want a club race jersey, see Nicky, want a personalised Knightwood mug, see Nicky, want a club themed number plate, see Nicky.  Nicky is not only well known for her 'pick n mix' but also for her cheering skills and can heard trackside on race days shouting and cheering all our members on but particularly shouting ‘GO KEEFER’ and ‘GO KNIGHTWOOD’.   



Andy Ballard – Fundraiser

Andy has only just recently taken over the role of fundraiser.  He is really getting into his role setting up our club sponsorship structure and is also seeking to find funding over the coming months so that the club can grow and develop even further.  Andy is also a keen racer himself.  If you would be interested in further information relating to club sponsorship Andy has lots of different ways to get your company seen from fence banners, finish line flags, gate stickers then Andy would love to hear from you. 


Club Welfare Officers are responsible for the welfare of all our members.  If you ever have any worries or concerns with regard to your childs/your welfare or any other members welfare within the club please go and see our welfare officers who will only be too glad to help.  Our current Welfare Officers are Vicky Gardner and also Amanda Rolfe. 
      Vicky Gardner                   Amanda Rolfe
We always welcome our membership feedback so if you have any comments, ideas or suggestions then please come and see one of us.

Session Structure


Knightwood BMX Coaching/Practice Structure



Every Saturday* we run 2 main groups called Regional Plus and Novice/Club. Riders are advised by the coaching team when they join which group would be best suited for them to progress their riding skills. Riders will need to arrive at least 15 mins prior to their session to get booked in so as not to delay the start of the session. Coaching sessions will last for approx 45mins allowing a short break for the coaches between groups.

10am Regional plus
This session is aimed at riders currently racing at regional or above level. However coaches may invite other riders to participate in this group. The track will be closed during this session for safety reasons.

11am Novice/Club
This session is aimed at beginners and those racing at club races. Part of the track will usually remain open for Regional plus riders to practice on during this session.

12pm - 1pm Open Gates/Fun Sessions
Whether you are a rider from our 10am session, our 11am or just wish to rock up and ride, this session is an opportunity to gain more track/gate experience and have a bit of fun with other riders. 


* Being an outside sport our sessions are obviously weather dependent also due to racing committments and availility of volunteers we may also need to cancel or amend our session from time to time.  Please keep yourself up-to-date by clicking on the facebook link to the top right of the screen (no account requried).

Thursdays Evenings (Apr until October)

 5.30pm - 7.30pm Open Gates


Gate practice evenings is another opportunity to get on your bike during the week and practice your skills after all practice makes perfect.  The gate will be running, whilst there is no structured coaching on this night, should you have any questions there are usually a few coaches on hand at this session to give a bit of advice. We can also pair you with a more experienced peer/rider. Our riders are always enthusiastic to teach what they have learned and to help less experienced riders,  they all know what it is like when you start out.





WEAR FULL FACE HELMET (Loan Helmets Available) 

WEAR GLOVES (Loan Gloves Available)




All Time Grates - Time for Mum & Dad to Warm up

We are very pleased to announce 2 new categories at our Seasons Finale club race on Sunday 9th October 2016. 
Local company, All Time Grates, have offered to sponsor "Grate Mums" and "Grate Dads" races.  These new categories will be run to the usual race day format and trophies will be awarded at our presentation evening on Friday 9th December 2016 (more details to follow on our events page). 

Are you a 'Mum' or 'Dad' who would like to have a go at this 'Grate' challenge.  No bike, no worries we have loan bikes available although limited numbers, so don't hang around, come see us and get practising...